Facebook Issues – February 20, 2010

Numerous users have filed reports on Twitter and downrightnow today about a problem reaching Facebook.  We have reproduced the issue and noticed symptoms including slow loading times, missing stylesheets and even difficulty with third-party web sites that incorporate widgets using the Facebook API.  The outage has lasted at least 30 minutes as of 11:30am ET.

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Facebook, Blogger Improve Outage Communication

Here at downrightnow, we’re frequently among the first to notice when a popular web service hits turbulence.  We also pay close attention to how quickly companies respond and what they have to say.  With web-based email and social networking becoming ubiquitous and indispensable, users clamor for quick acknowledgement and detailed information whenever a web site suffers an outage.  The past week has seen improvements from both Facebook and Blogger in how they communicate during and after service disruptions, and their efforts are worthy of praise.

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Facebook Trouble – September 29, 2009

User reports on downrightnow and Twitter today point to a widespread service issue with Facebook:

Facebook Status History as of 10:10am ET

Facebook has not yet officially acknowledged a problem.  If you’re experiencing the issue, be sure to file a report and stay tuned to our Facebook status page for the latest information.

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Users Report Facebook Trouble Today – September 14, 2009

Many users on downrightnow and Twitter are experiencing difficulty accessing Facebook and slowness loading pages today.  The issues may not be affecting all users, but judging by the volume of reports, this is a widespread disruption.

Twitter Search Results as of 5:00pm ET

Twitter search: facebook down

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Network Issues Affect Facebook Access in UK – September 10, 2009

Numerous downrightnow and Twitter users in the UK are reporting problems accessing Facebook today.  Users with Virgin Media Internet service seem to be particularly affected.

Facebook Status History as of 2:45pm ET (7:45pm BST)

We haven’t seen any official acknowledgements from Facebook or Virgin Media, but as always, keep an eye on our Facebook service status page for the latest status information.

As far as we can tell, today’s Facebook issues aren’t affecting a large number of users outside the UK.

Update: Twitter user @ollieparsley found Virgin Media’s official announcement of today’s network trouble.

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